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Our goal is for our individual clients to be completely satisfied with their desired internet presence. When you have an idea, we take it and reflect it into an image. Built on that foundation comes our firm’s name, Reflect Studios, where we take your web related ideas and make them a reality.

Reflect Studios is an development first that produces high-end web design, web development, iOS development and Android Development. The idea came early in 2001 to launch a company based on honesty, integrity and the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. Since that time, Reflect Studios has become a forefront in the design and development market offering knowledge and experience above everything else. Our customer service representation is totally personalized to cater to your needs as we make ourselves available to you on a constant basis.


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On February 11th, 2016 the Rides With Strangers Kickstarter was successfully funded!

About The Game

Rides with Strangers delivers a truly unique video game experience that puts you in a terrifying and desperate position. Relying on the on the elements of classic horror films and games before it, Rides with Strangers forces you from your comfort zone and into a terrifying atmosphere that exists within the outside world. Just as in real life every car could be your chance to reach your destination, but the horror that exists inside will not come from creatures from another world, or from the imagination. They will come from within the very human people you will encounter.

Every Stranger who will welcome you into their car tonight has been meticulously constructed, from their design to their dialogue, to represent the link that exists outside of polite society. Will you be prepared to face them knowing that these horrors could very well exist within your real waking world? Will you be able to put down this game and return to your regular life, watching strangers pass, knowing this could happen to you? Whoever you end up sharing the ride with, remember to keep a careful, watchful eye. Remember, despite the small talk, that they are not your savior but a wolf in sheep’s skin.

The Creation


Rides with Strangers began its ride of development with the mindset of bringing a truly original and uniquely terrifying experience. Testing the boundaries of what’s acceptable in polite society, Rides with Strangers pushes the envelope of its content and atmospheric environment. With this direction, the creation of each stranger, dialog and asset was carefully thought out and placed accordingly to amplify the eerie and creepy feeling of this game.


Playing the role of a hitch hiker brings the element of realism into the experience. Knowing that this can happen in real life, we focused our character development to represent strangers you could actually meet. We didn’t want our scares to come from monsters or paranormal entities, but from the sick and twisted individuals roaming the world today.

The Story

You studied hard all your life, never missed school, in all the honor programs, 4.0 GPA. First in your family to graduate collage, attend an Ivy League school and on your way to success. Your name is Elora and you have applied to your dream job, the one you have worked so hard for all your life. Now you wait…

Weeks go by and it’s a late Tuesday evening, doubt has overcome you and the night is chilly. You are laying on the couch thinking of other options to pursue and close your eyes. Then you hear it, that sound which makes your stomach drop, the sound of a new e-mail notification. You quickly check your phone and pray it’s the one, the one e-mail you were waiting for all this time. You look…

And your eyes open with excitement, your hands are shaking, it’s the one! The job finally gets back to you and they want you to come in for an interview. You scream loud with excitement, tears of joy start coming down your cheeks but you read more and there is a catch. You must come in tomorrow morning, and it’s on the other side of the state.

You quickly shower, put on your makeup and head to your car and start driving. Hours go by which seem like a life time, you are in the middle of nowhere, the night is dark, the air is thick and you have butterflies in your stomach. Then you hear it, the sound in which makes you fall into a state of panic, your 23 year old car finally decides to break down on the one night you need it the most. You pull over and call the towing company. They tell you that they won’t be able to get the car until the morning and no cabs are around to pick you up.

You say to yourself, this is not gonna hold me up, I didn’t dedicate my whole life for this to happen. You start walking towards your destination in the dark chilly night with the bugs chirping in the distance, the wind blowing against your face, but yet you are determined. You can do this, everything will be okay. You see a car coming from a distance, you take a risk and stick your thumb out to hitch a ride. You close your eyes and take a deep breath… Everything is going to be okay..


The Atmosphere

Placed in a rural American highway, Rides with Strangers truly represents the eerie atmosphere of being a Hitch Hiker. Our goal was to design each scene and asset to represent a creepy and uncomfortable mindset. We want the player to really feel as if they them self where the hitch hiker on a dark creepy road, or inside some complete strangers car.


Trough out the game, there will be several stops, pit stops, motels and gas stations. Rides with Strangers goal is really implement the experience of what you might actually come across on a hitch hiker’s journey across state. One of our rewards is for you to be implement in this environment, in the game there will be several wanted / missing signs which we will put your picture and name on. Imagine that your face plastered across the game as a wanted or missing person.


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